Depraeter Depraeter


Preiplanten Depraeter is a family business that has been cultivating leek plants for three generations. Year after year with the utmost care we try to grow nice looking, strong and especially healthy young leek plants.

We grow our own leek plants from week 15 up to and including week 33. Before we offer plants from Morocco, Spain and Portugal. From the sowing period to the harvesting of the (strong healthy) leek plants our business has the production of leek plants as its only concern. By only growing leek plants our land has a good soil profile that provides healthy and uniform  plants. After the plants have been harvested nematode resistant green manure is sowed and the land rests for nine months.

Our leek plants are regularly inspected externally by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) and EC quality company inspections so you can be certain of a high quality and healthy plant.

Soil analyses indicate a high risk of nematodes diseases and other soil life. Cultivation guidance also helps us keep the quality optimal.

Three of our own pickers and one extra contract worker provide a very high capacity. The leek plants are harvested in the morning giving you
-the leek grower- a major advantage. This year we also offer the possibility of delivering the plants to your door.